Top 3 Aviation Youtube Channels

The top aviation content on YouTube

When I’m not up in the air working towards my license, I like to enjoy this hobby in the most affordable way I know: watching the top YouTubers in aviation. Of course, nothing beats being up in the air, but watching these pilots fly gets me psyched about aviation.

So next time your flight lesson gets rained out, or you’re stuck on the ramp waiting for your clearance, check out one of the channels below.


FlightChops has been producing content on YouTube since 2013. In that time, his channel has grown to over 100,000 subscribers. He’s an internet celebrity and posts regularly on the /r/flying subreddit. Steve (/u/Schteevie) flies anything, and everything he can get in the left seat of, and the production value of his videos is unparalleled—he records with so many GoPros in cool places that you’re never left staring at the same view for long.

What I love about Steve’s videos is the continuous drive he has to become a better pilot. His passion for aviation and the aviation community is contagious.

The videos he puts together of his training have an immense amount of valuable information for new and experienced pilots alike.

Steve makes flying accessible and fun, and it’s certainly one of the YouTube channels that inspire me to continue growing as a pilot.


Nothing makes for a more relaxing Sunday evening than watching Steveo captain his TBM 850 or Grand Caravan around Florida or the Bahamas. If there’s a job to be jealous of in aviation, this is the one—and I think that most of Steveo’s 150,000 subscribers would agree.

You can count on skillful flying and friendly demeanor when you’re watching one of Steveo’s videos. He does a great job of bringing you into the cockpit, and it’s easy to imagine yourself hanging out in the right seat along for the ride. You’d also be hard-pressed to not learn something in one of Steveo’s videos. He knows a ton about the geography of the Bahamas and is always pointing out something interesting.


Josh posted his first video on MrAviation101 in 2010, and since then he’s posted over 200 more—growing his subscriber count to just shy of 100,000 in that time.

Some of his most popular videos include day trips with friends and family. This is the flying that makes general aviation so appealing to me, and I think that Josh does a great job of highlighting that.

Maybe we can’t all take out an MU-2 turboprop for lunch, but it’s fun to dream.

Bonus: Matt Guthmiller

Although he doesn’t boast the same subscriber count as the pilots above, Matt Guthmiller still produces some of the highest quality aviation videos on YouTube. I love the cinematography and narrative of his channel—there’s always an intriguing thread that pulls me through the video.

His aircraft is a gorgeous Beechcraft Bonanza, and it’s one he knows well—having quite literally flown it around the world. These days, Matt seems to be zipping back and forth across the country quite frequently, posting videos about twice a month. In a recent video, he documents his trip to the Oshkosh 2016 and thunderstorms he had to dodge on his way there.